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Ezras Torah is a non-profit
501(c)(3) federally tax-exempt
charitable organization.

Tzedakah Programs: Amount ($)
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Emergency Medical Assistance Fund
Medical emergencies can sap a family of their resources. Often there is no money to properly diagnose or treat an illness through hospitals or clinics. This program offers financial help and expert advice to those who can't afford the medical attention, testing, treatment, surgery or post-surgery support they need.
Interest Free Loans
These loans are one of Ezras Torah's most regularly accessed avenues of help. At any given time during the year, thousands of loans have been lent out. Without these loans, people would not only be sorely pressed to combat their financial straits, but in the majority of cases they would not be able to acquire the money at all!
Apartment Loans
A couple in Israel starting out or a family that has grown too large for its one bedroom apartment need a new place to live. Yet the cost of an apartment in Israel is always prohibitive. Special interest-free loans are offered to assist in the purchase of the new residency.
Wedding Assistance
Helping a young orphan get married and start a family is a priority of Ezras Torah. This program gives outright gifts to brides and grooms to assist them in their wedding expenses and in helping them set up their new home.
Widow Assistance
Often these members in society besides having to cope with the tremendous emotional pain associated with the loss of a spouse must also deal with finding the means for basic living expenses. Special efforts are made to insure the emotional and financial needs of this particularly vulnerable class of person.
Simcha & Special Needs Grants
People come to Ezras Torah seeking financial assistance for all types of occurring life needs, some happy some sad, some smaller some larger. They range from recovering from a family crisis, eg. a father out of work, to not having the money to make a Brit, to not having the money to repair a broken fridge. The Board of Rabbis in Israel assess these requests and every effort is made to help by providing outright financial grants to alleviate the need.
Matanos LaEvyonim
On Purim direct cash gifts are distributed to families in need, both to increase their joy by assisting in alleviating financial burdens and supplying additional funds to enable them to celebrate the holiday. This will also provide the contributor with the ability to fulfill their Mitzvah of distributing tzedakah to the needy on Purim day by making Ezras Torah their shaliach.
Maos Chitim & High Holiday Assistance
As Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur, Succos and Pesach approach, the needs of a family greatly increase. This program distributes direct cash gifts to indigent families for clothing and food at these times.
Maternity Grants
The Jewish people more than ever need to repopulate and gain in number. Every assistance that can be made to ease the financial burden of bringing another Jewish soul into the world and providing for necessary infant needs, such as clothing, nutrition or furniture is done so.
Ezras Torah is a non-profit 501(c)(3) federally tax-exempt charitable organization. Ezras Torah never gives out or sells its donors' information. All personal information, including email addresses, is kept strictly within the confines of Ezras Torah.