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HaRav Menachem Gettinger's, ZT"L Sefer Menach Yoma availabe now exclusively from Ezras Torah!

Ezras Torah is a non-profit
501(c)(3) federally tax-exempt
charitable organization.

  Our Tzedakos


Ezras Torah, established in 1915 by Gedolei Torah, is a nonprofit Jewish relief organization that specializes in supplying funds to needy Torah families primarily in Israel.

Our programs include Emergency Medical Assistance, Housing Assistance, Wedding Assistance, Jewish Holiday Grants, Maternity Grants, Widow and Orphan Assistance, Assistance to new immigrants, Special Need and Interest Free Loans. For more information on Ezras Torah and its programs click here.

Ezras Torah has received across the board support from World Jewish Torah leaders since its inception in 1915. For more on the history of Ezras Torah click here.

Thousand of families receive each year financial support in a respectful and dignified manner through Ezras Torah. We depend on your contributions, involvement and support, to continue this work. Ezras Torah receives no government aid but continues its work of Charity (Tzedakah) and Kindness (Chesed) solely through the donations of its supporters.

Click here to offer your support. All contributions are tax deductible.

Ezras Torah is also known for its world renowned Halachic Calendar and Guide, providing important information on how to conduct oneself as a Jew or Jewess on a day to day basis. This unique Luach also includes a list of Candle Lighting times and important Zmanim for many major cities in the United States and Canada. To see this month's calendar guide of laws and customs or a nationwide list of candle lighting times for major cities in the U.S. and Canada, click here.

To order your own Calendar (Luach) click here.